We focus on getting real data from real users. Our experience combined with formal training in user testing techniques, laboratory study and data analysis help to ensure that we provide you with data that is relevant and meaningful. Check out the information below to see how user experience research can help your company. You may also contact us to see how we may be of assistance.

What is user experience research (aka Usability Testing)?

User experience research is a way in which a product or service can be evaluated by testing it with representative users. User experience research typically involves participants attempting to complete typical tasks while observers watch, listen and take notes. The overall goal of user experience research is to identify any usability problems or user “speedbumps”, to collect qualitative and quantitative data and determine the participant’s satisfaction with the product. The end result is usually a report containing any issues seen during the user experience research as well as recommendations on how to address the issues.

When should user experience research be conducted?

User experience research is applicable at any stage in development and is important for identifying unrecognized or unanticipated design issues. Early on in development, user experience research can help to save large amounts of time and money by identifying issues that, if implemented at this early stage, would doom the product before it was ever constructed. Later in development, user experience research can be used to fine-tune the product or site, making sure the user experience is top notch! After all, it doesn’t matter if it is a piece of software or hardware, a Website or a physical product, if it is not useable, it is not complete.

What can user experience research do for our product/website/company?

Just because something has worked in the past doesn’t mean it will work in the present, there are simply too many different factors involved. This is where user experience research comes into play. By conducting user experience research, you can help to ensure that your product meets with the expectations of modern day users. In addition, user experience research can help differentiate you from the crowd, allowing you to implement features and modify designs in order to meet (and surpass) the expectations of your users, which are many times grounded in what competitors are doing.

How can 8-bit Bear help with user experience research?

8-bit Bear incorporates many diverse user experience research techniques that are applicable at all stages of the development process. Whether it’s card sorting exercises for simple ideas, low-fidelity mockups to test user flow or fully functional interactive prototypes, the user experience research experts at 8-bit Bear can get the data you need. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with conducting successful user experience research.