Focus group testing can be a useful technique for gathering large amounts of information from potential or current customer groups. When brainstorming about products or evaluating between two different designs, focus groups can provide a large amount of data from multiple participants.

About Focus Group Moderation

However, if the focus groups are not conducted by an experienced moderator, they can end up costing your company money while not providing any useful data. At 8-bit Bear, we are trained and experienced in focus groups moderation techniques.

The consultants at 8-bit Bear understand that focus groups can be affected by issues like groupthink and conformity, which in turn can affect the integrity of the data. As such, we strive to moderate focus group sessions so as to limit the intrusion of these types of issues.

Have Questions about Focus Group Moderation?

If you would like to take advantage of this service, it is important that you contact us so that we can determine if your product is at the right stage of development for successfully utilizing a focus group.